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Five Steps To Fight Childhood Obesity.

 To fight childhood obesity ,parents will have to get involved.The steps to be taken are really common sense.what parents do not know that setting a good example is where child hood discipline starts."Monkey see monkey do "or "don't tell me what to do, show me."Having only healthy food in the house and avoiding Mac Donald's and  the other  fast food industry leaders will be a good start in teaching children that a "quick meal "every day might be the beginning of a life time of childhood obesity.
Fight Childhood Obesity.

GIANINC Supports Michelle Obama’s Childhood Obesity Initiative, Offers Five Tips for Parents to Promote Healthy Lifestyles for Children

Dr. Hillel Mazansky urges parents to join the fight against the childhood obesity epidemic

Since Michelle Obama launched her Let’s Move! initiative to tackle America’s childhood obesity problem, Let’s Move! and the Childhood Obesity Task Force have estimated that one in three children living in America is overweight or obese. GIANINC founder Hillel Mazansky, a physician who specializes in guided imagery and nutrition, applauded Obama’s efforts, saying that the growing problem of childhood obesity has been neglected for too long. He now counsels parents and children in the San Diego area about obesity and offered five tips for those who are trying to keep their children healthy.
“The rate of childhood obesity has tripled in the last 30 years, and will continue to rise unless immediate, focused action is taken,” Mazansky stressed.
Mazansky was so impressed with Obama’s initiative that he sent her a YouTube video expressing his support and desire to help.
“This epidemic needs to be stopped,” Mazansky said. “Not only are these children at risk for other major diseases, but they suffer from psychological conditions as well. They are tormented by their classmates, and they cannot participate in sports activities due to physical limitations. This often leads to psychological problems and more compulsive eating.”
To treat children suffering from obesity, GIANINC uses a combination of nutrition and guided imagery, which is a medical hypnosis technique that involves visualization.
“We have to attack this epidemic from the brain, mouth and stomach,” said Mazansky. “GIANINC empowers these children to help themselves by providing them with a customized, nutritionally sound diet and performing guided imagery to get to the root of why these children are compulsively eating.”
According to the American Academy of Child and Adolescent Psychiatry, if one parent is obese, their children are 50 percent more likely to have a weight problem.
“This change needs to start in the home,” Mazansky said. “Parents have a large influence on their children. We all need to fight obesity together as a family.”
Mazansky offered five tips to parents to help promote a healthy lifestyle for their children:
1.    Remove the television from the house
2.    Set an example for children by eating healthy foods
3.    Limit time spent on video games and the computer
4.    Play outside with children
5.    Get children involved in sports and other activities outside of school
“If parents are willing to do these five things, you will see obesity rates start to dwindle,” said Mazansky. “We are all to blame for this epidemic; it is all of our responsibility to work together to fight it.”
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The obesity crisis in America is spiraling out of control .Join hands with your children and fight childhood obesity by taking the 5 simple steps listed in the above article.

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