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A Cure For Obesity: Adiponectin

The hormone adiponectin is an obesity cure.It has been found to increase your metabolism ,and if you are obese you are lacking this fat killer! .This hormone is very low in obese people .The irony of it is that you can increase this hormone by eating food that contains a specific mineral that increases this fat burning hormone.This article will show you which foods to eat to obtain that mineral!Adiponectin can cure obesity!I am so excited about this information.Please share it with other people battling with obesity.

"A startling new human clinical trial has shown that a hormone called adiponectin can quickly multiply your body's ability to "metabolize" your midsection away.  The more of this hormone you have in your body, the faster excess pounds will disappear.  Lower levels, in contrast, are associated with a higher incidence of obesity.

     According to Dr. Leo Galland, Director of The Foundation for Integrated Medicine, low levels of adiponectin are "a significant factor in people's inability to melt flab and stay slim."

     Dropping weight starts with understanding the power of hormones such as adiponectin—what it is, why it works, and how to get more of it.  Because if you don't balance your hormones, every effort to lose fat—dieting, exercise programs, and beyond—will fall flat.

     Your hormones will stand like a brick wall between you and your goals.

     The good news (that you won't hear from most doctors) is that there are safe, natural things you can do right now to smash through that hormone wall, lose the weight, and be in control of your life again.

How Hormones Hold You Back ... and How to Set Yourself Free

The impact of hormones on our health and weight has been fully proven by scientific research.  For instance, studies have demonstrated the role of a "hunger hormone."  This hormone can reach excessive levels so that your cravings never stop, making it virtually impossible to curb your eating.

     Likewise, your body can become so drenched with yet another hormone—the one that makes you feel "full"—that its signal stops working ... leading to chronic overeating and stubborn fat storage.

     One of the nation's leading proponents of integrative, natural weight loss methods is Dr. Steven Sisskind, graduate of The Baylor College of Medicine, one of top medical schools in the U.S.  According to Dr. Sisskind, several breakthrough tools can help you literally double your metabolism and melt the fat away ... and the tools are not exercise or calorie counting!

The "4 Big Reasons" You're Not Losing Weight

According to Dr. Sisskind, if you've tried diets or fat loss strategies only to be disappointed, it's probably because they failed to address the "4 Big Reasons" you're not losing weight.

     Once you deal with the 4 Big Reasons, the pounds drop off.

Fat Burning Barrier #1: Not Enough Adiponectin
Adiponectin is the hormone that tells your body to burn fat for fuel—it's like your body's "fat burning torch."  If your body isn't producing enough of it, you won't lose weight.

     Studies have shown that the more of this super hormone you have circulating in your bloodstream, the more fat you burn.

     Unfortunately, the more fat you have, the lower your adiponectin levels.  That's why dropping pounds is so hard at first.  Your adiponectin needs a kick start.

Fat Burning Barrier #2: Too Much Ghrelin

     Ghrelin is called the "hunger hormone"—the more of it in your system, the hungrier you are.

     If you can't seem to stay away from the fridge after dinner, it's probably due to elevated ghrelin levels.  Even worse, it appears ghrelin makes us fatter whether or not we actually eat more.

     Losing fat is almost impossible with elevated ghrelin.  But there's an easy action you can take tonight to lower your ghrelin levels and feel more satisfied tomorrow.

Fat Burning Barrier #3: Insulin Imbalance

     If you're overweight, you're likely experiencing insulin imbalance.  Insulin imbalance leads to too much glucose (sugar) in your system, so that most of the carbohydrates you consume get stored as fat.  Insulin resistance makes it virtually impossible to lose fat.

     But there's a surprisingly simple trick to solve the glucose problem, and it's probably in your kitchen cupboard right now.

Fat Burning Barrier #4: Cortisol Overload

     Your body produces cortisol in response to stress.  But today's hectic world elevates our cortisol levels far too high.  Extra cortisol sabotages your efforts to drop pounds by...
    Spiking your cravings for sweets and carbs Causing overeating and constant hunger Causing your body to break down your muscle tissue for energy Lowering your metabolism by reducing muscle mass Causing more fat to be stored in the abdominal area

     Fortunately, there are several things you can do immediately to reduce your cortisol levels naturally.

Easy At-Home Tricks for Blasting Through the 4 Roadblocks to Weight Loss

Resetting your hormonal balance is so easy that it's practically shocking your own doctor isn't telling you how to do it.  Unfortunately, most doctors are woefully under-informed on the real reasons people can't lose weight.

     Integrative practitioners like Dr. Sisskind, however, have compiled and documented proven steps that can get your hormones back on track so the pounds drop away, including:
  • A mineral shown to raise your adiponectin levels, and you can get it easily in everyday foods.
  • A simple eating schedule that dramatically boosts adiponectin—and it doesn't mean eating less.  It's about when you eat, not what you eat.
  • A sleep tip that helps you instantly reset your "fat storage hormone."
  • A powerhouse trick that significantly reduces blood glucose levels for people with insulin resistance, so the scale can start heading downwards (and you likely have it on hand already).
  • A common food you should eliminate immediately if you want to keep your cortisol levels in check.
  • Two plants that have been used for centuries in Ayurvedic medicine, now shown in extract form to boost fat-burning adiponectin by 15.3%, while lowering the hunger hormone ghrelin by 17.3%.
  • A plant extract from Madagascar that, in a clinical study, led to twice the amount of weight loss in those who took it compared to those in the control group who followed the same diet.
  • A super-calming herb from Siberia that significantly reduced anxiety levels in a pilot study.  Less stress can lower your cortisol levels and spur your body to burn away belly fat.

Information You Can Use Immediately to Drop 20, 30, Even 50 or More Pounds

Imagine finally being at your ideal weight ... vibrant, full of energy, and proud of the way you look and feel.  What would that feel like?  Now, you can find out.  Long-term success is finally within reach—this could be your chance.

     Click here to access the cutting-edge fat loss information on how to reset your hormones for fat burning.  You can start using this FREE information immediately to lose an extra 20, 30, even 50 or more pounds for good, and finally get your life back.  Take action and start living in the body of your dreams, with easy at-home methods to fire up your hormones and double your metabolism now.

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A Cure For Obesity :Drop The Carbs ,Eat The Fat!

It seems that a cure for obesity is coming from an obscure country in the southern part of Africa.But is it a cure or just fluff?If you are part of the obesity epidemic,this might be the missing part of the puzzle.
 .After reading a book called "Good Calories, Bad Calories" and "why We Get Fat and What to Do About It," By Gary Taubes, Tim Noakes from South Africa  concluded that our biggest enemy is carbs and not fat.
He makes a shift to  paleo/primal nutrition .What this means is that we have to go back in time and eat what our first ancestors ate, virtually no grains.He uses himself as a prime example of someone's health that has taken a turn for the better after cutting out carbs.
Look into this solution for obesity

A Cure For Obesity :Drop The Carbs ,Eat The Fat!


February 12, 2012

South African Sports Scientist Inverts US Food Pyramid

"A great conversion is taking place on South Africa. Professor Tim Noakes, an influential sports performance scientist, author, and long-time carb loader, has gone primal. Here's a quote from an article in the Times Live.
Sports science expert Professor Tim Noakes has caused a stir in health circles by refuting his own nutritional advice, widely espoused as athletics gospel.
In an about-turn, Noakes is blaming food containing carbohydrates for the rise in obesity, diabetes and heart disease.
Dr. Noakes, who is the Professor of Exercise and Sports Science at the University of Cape Town, writes this in an article titled "Against the Grains":
It has taken me 61 years to suspect that bread and cereals – the biblical staff of life – as well as rice, pasta and refined carbohydrates may not be healthy for me personally as I had always believed.
My attention to this possibility was piqued by the release of the most recent 2010 US Dietary Guidelines. These guidelines promote the concept of the Food Pyramid built on 6-11 daily servings of bread, cereals, rice and pasta. Although Americans now follow these guidelines more closely than ever, obesity has become the single greatest medical problem in the US. Thus the question: is this epidemic linked in some way to this increased carbohydrate intake? I decided to investigate.
Chris Becker, a South African reader, pointed me toward researching Dr. Noakes and his shift from the carb-loading paradigm to a fat-based, low-carb paradigm. Here is the letter I received from Chris:
Here's an update on the paradigm shift to paleo/primal nutrition from South Africa.
Dr Tim Noakes is the co-founder of the Sports Science Institute in Cape Town, South Africa, and is author of the book "Lore of Running," amongst others. He is highly respected around this neck of the woods by both the medical establishment, nutritional 'experts', and the public alike. After reading Gary Taubes books, "Good Calories, Bad Calories" and "Why We Get Fat and What to Do About It," he has changed his mind regarding nutrition. Before, he was a big proponent of carbo-loading before marathons. Now, he says the section on nutrition in his book will be re-written, and if you own the book, you should rip that section out.
He writes in a Discovery Health newsletter - one of SA's biggest private medical insurance firms - that after his own investigation and thereafter "rigorously avoiding all bread, cereals, rice, pasta and refined carbohydrates and replacing that nutritional deficit with healthy meats, fish, fruit, vegetables and fats, including nuts...Five months later, I am at my lightest weight in 20 years and I am running faster than I have in 20 years. For the first time since I ran heroic weekly mileages in training have I learned exactly how to maintain an ideal body weight without any sense of privation. And with only as much exercise as I want to do. Even my friends are impressed. They agree that not even the most expensive cosmetic surgery could have produced such a remarkable change." The problem he cites, and even takes aim at the "very large industries, including the soft-drink, sugar and confectionary industries" who "do not want us to know this." The rest of the article is basically Dr Tim Noakes reading from Mark Sisson's playbook.
It's kind of like Paul Krugman going Austrian. Okay... maybe not quite... but nevertheless exciting stuff happening down here! Keep up the great work at LRC, the word is get