Monday, March 12, 2012

Fighting Obesity: Start With The Children.

 A three day workshop that highlighted healthy eating,and some exercise ,was the  focus of " Kids in the Kitchen" .This is the right approach: Educate the children and we will have stemmed the tide of obesity.Children learn the best when it is fun .When it also tastes good the attitude towards healthy food may change."If we do nothing, nothing will change."Apart from the good food that they learned to make" Zumba " and some karate moves, were also part of the program.I can just imagine how they enjoyed it!

Fighting obesity:Start by educating the children.

Children follow recipe for fighting obesity

Event offers workshops focusing on nutrition|topnews|text|FRONTPAGE

ENDICOTT — Children got a taste of Zumba, karate and some healthy foods Saturday at an event to highlight nutrition.
"The obesity rate in America right now is out of control," said Julia Deptula, chairman of Kids in the Kitchen, an initiative from the Junior League of Binghamton.
The event offered three workshops for children including a chance to make a healthy lunch, try out some karate moves and shake their bodies to Zumba.
UHS Hospitals Chef Manager John P. Obusek spent the morning preparing snacks for the few dozen children who showed up. A mixture of strawberries, kiwi, grapes, oranges and apples — known as March Madness Fruit Salad — was a big hit.
"Kids came up two or three times," Obusek said.
Donning fruit and vegetable costumes, Junior League volunteers made peanut butter and banana and grilled cheese and tomato sandwiches for hungry attendees. In the gym, kids giggled, moving their feet and flailing their arms to try to keep up with the Zumba instructor.
The main goal of the event was to provide information on nutrition and exercise to the children and their parents.
"We hope to change some things," Deptula said. "The way people eat. What they do all day."
Getting them to help with preparing a meal — which offered a host of ingredients — is something all children should learn to do. They should also gain knowledge of where food comes from and what foods are good for you, Deptula said.
"I think it's important to get children into the kitchen," she said.

"Knowledge is power"and empowering out youth to fight obesity,will bear fruit for generations to come.

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